5th Grade

The Fifth Grader is poised and ready with growing capacities. They yearn for increased responsibilities and privileges, and yet, love to reminisce about the carefree days of childhood. They are prepared for their horizons to expand and deepen their knowledge of history and science with new intellectual capacities. American history is presented through both great literature and lesson materials that tell the story of the United States, from the time of the first explorers up through the abolitionists and the Underground Railroad.

A basic study of environmental, life and the physical sciences is woven throughout the year. Ecosystems, ecology, pollution, and recycling are all part of an exploration of how to protect and honor our natural environment. Single cell plants and animals are studied as part of the life sciences. The basics of the physical sciences are introduced through an initial experience of energy, light, sound, and electricity.

The students are challenged with a variety of writing assignments including research projects, essays, speeches, creative writing, letters, diary entries, book reports, and reflections. They learn about direct and indirect speech, working with quotation marks, and sharpen their editing skills. The use of graphic organizers is explored to support the creation of more substantial paragraph writing.

The relationship between numbers and the variations in how a problem can be solved is worked with extensively this year. Students learn to add and subtract fractions, and mixed numbers. They also learn how to create fractions out of long division remainders, find equivalent fractions, reduce fractions and convert improper fractions into mixed numbers.
possible, the students learn through what they can see, hear, smell, taste or touch. A variety of possible study topics are suggested in the curriculum, including: ecosystems, ecology, bodies of water, plants, animals, energy, light, sound and electricity.