7th Grade

Seventh Grade students are ready to explore the world with vigor. A shift in perspective and a passionate desire for independence, as well as a hunger for detail, purpose and social connection, drives their work. The students are brought up to date with a rigorous study of history; traveling from the age of Baroque and classical music up to the modern day and the advent of space travel.

The study of geometry continues with polygons and geometric solids. The foundation for algebraic study is investigated through exponents, the order of operations, negative numbers, graphing, equations, ratios, and proportions. The study of a wide range of scientific subjects including astronomy, geology, meteorology, and the physical geography of the earth will lead to many focused writing assignments.

The literary focus this year is on biography, through the prism of history. Students at this age are interested in other people, in the fortunes of the individual and the capacities of the human being. Biographies detailing the struggles and triumphs of others, in a multiplicity of pursuits, empower the students to continue to strive on their personal journeys of exploration. Writing assignments will include a variety of fact-based and creative writing assignments including: research papers, biographical essays, persuasive essays, speeches, short stories, news reports and even possibly plays.