Bothin’s Waldorf-inspired Program

The Bothin Campus is an abundant natural wonderland where children and their educators gather under the trees, in yurts, a barn, and historic buildings and cottages. Seasonal creeks and waterfalls provide a rich world of possibilities for play that inspires, informs and nourishes.

Our academic programs are designed to spark the interest of the child in the early years via imagination and as they grow with more critical thought. In the Kindergarten program, the child’s interest is stimulated with play, social interaction, and work. The interest in the grades student is fostered through the arts: hearing the story of the farm day told by a farmer, participating in a play about Julius Caesar or painting a flower in Botany. When academics have been brought to life, the work of reading, writing and math becomes the inspiration for the students to create their own textbooks with original writing and illustrations.

All our students are strengthened in their learning by the consistent rhythmical arrangement of the lessons. The order of activities each day have a sense of ‘breathing in’ and ‘breathing out’. This sense of rhythm is further supported with a consistent weekly schedule and the marking of the year via festivals and the children’s experiences in nature. The conscious use of these rhythmical patterns enhances memory development, builds a sense of security and instills a sense of active participation in their education as they know what they are moving into next.

The cornerstone of the day in the grades takes place during the main lesson period. The main lesson period is typically two-hours and provides the time to explore a topic in-depth through movement, artistic rendering, and work in the main lesson book. The content of main lesson is explored in a block format lasting two to five weeks.