Our Aftercare Program has been developed and organized with the same high standard and thoughtful attention to the needs of the children as our other learning environments.

Aftercare is very popular with students of all ages! Children are offered a wide variety of options for play, creativity, and relaxation in a safe environment. The program is held from 2:00pm to 5:00pm. (See below for information on 1:00pm-2:00pm for preschool and kindergarten students.)

This year, our home base is the kindergarten classroom and yard. Children play inside and outdoors amongst the trees. When outside, children engage in free play and cooperative games. In addition to providing recreational activities, Aftercare teachers help students develop social skills and good character through the teaching of human values such as kindness, inclusivity, peaceful resolution and stewardship of the earth. There is a gentle emphasis on emotional awareness and the ability to self-regulate through mindfulness.

Aftercare teachers provides help with homework if and when needed.

We appreciate the role of the family in creating a successful, thriving Aftercare Program by asking all parents to respect the policies of the program.

The compliance with the policies outlined below are vital to support participation in the Aftercare Program.



Taira Restar, RSMT Monday – Thursday; Kelsie Pombo Monday & Wednesday; Veronica Geretz Tuesday & Thursday.


Aftercare is open Monday – Thursday from 2PM – 5PM. Kindergarten and preschool students will attend Aftercare after participating in a rest/quiet period from 1PM-2PM.


Aftercare is held in the kindergarten. The classroom is a no shoe room for children and for adults. Please do not enter with your shoes on.


$12 per hour; charged in 15 minute increments, rounding up and down. Example: A child picked up on or before 4:07PM will be charged for 4:00PM; picked up at 4:08 or after will be charged for 4:15. After 5PM, late fee of $24 per 15 minute increment.


You will not be charged for the pick-up time you schedule. Rather for the time your child is actually in Aftercare. Once parents schedule, Aftercare teachers will use those names as an Attendance Roster. Please be as accurate as possible.

For “day of” Drop-ins, phone the office. 415- 328-1020


You will receive a bill twice a month via email. Hard copies of invoices are available in Aftercare.


Pay cash or check made out to CASH and deliver it to Aftercare. There will be a receipt book available, if you would like to write out a receipt for your records.

It is essential that you pay on or before the payment date (in your invoice). Your payments pay Aftercare teachers. If you have not paid by the following billing period, your child will not be allowed in Aftercare until your balance is taken care of.


Aftercare is a nut/see free program. One of our students has life threatening allergies. No peanut or tree nuts of any kind. ~~Thank you for your care!


If your child is with Aftercare for more than an hour, pack extra food.


We play outdoors in all weather. Pack extra socks, shirt and pants in your child’s backpack. In rain, child should come to school in rain pants and jacket.


Children will be asked to wash their hands before entering the room, before eating, after eating and before going home. This is a preventative action, because so many children from throughout our community share Aftercare. It is our aim to prevent the spread of colds, flus, head lice and pinworms.

Let Aftercare teachers know if your child has allergies or anything else related to physical or emotional health.


In the rare event, that you can not be on time for your 5PM pick up, please call the community phone, which Aftercare will have in late afternoons. 415- 328-1020


Aftercare teachers will sign in your child. You are responsible for signing out your child.


Turn in completed forms on or before your child’s 1st Aftercare afternoon.


Children may bring toys from home if they are willing to share. No media-based toys (Example: Disney characters) and no guns of any kind.