High School at Heartwood

Heartwood Charter School supports students in Grades 9-12 to choose courses based on their academic, career, and personal interests. Heartwood’s graduation requirements expect students to fulfill a minimum variety of courses to help them prepare to enter the workforce, attend college or university, or enter military service directly after high school. Heartwood Charter School graduation requirements allow students to have greater flexibility in the courses that they take and allow students to explore individual interests. The curricula for each course can be designed as a collaborative effort between students, parents, and the CST’s to ensure California State Standards for those courses are met.  To ensure learning progress in their courses, students are expected to complete at least 6-7 hours per week of work for each five unit course.  Credit for courses can be earned through pre-approved programs that offer transcripts and are fully accredited.  Proof of enrollment in these courses is required and must be submitted before the course can be added to the master agreement.

It is very important to understand that we do not guarantee graduation from our program unless the minimum graduation requirements are met and are evaluated by our High School Coordinator.  Students joining our school after the start of 9th grade must submit official transcripts for all courses that they have completed.  This includes any Junior College Classes the student has taken before or after their tenure at Heartwood.  Credit will only be given to the student when Heartwood has received the official transcript for that course. Send all transcripts to [email protected] at the end of each semester to update student records.

Please Note: We are not an A-G or WASC Accredited program. For UC and CSU applications, students apply by exception. 

Heartwood Graduation Requirements:

  • Three years of English (30 units)
  • Two years of Mathematics (including Algebra I) (20 units).  Students who took Algebra I in middle school should complete two years of High School Mathematics.
  • Three years of Social Science including (30 units):
    • One year U.S. History and Geography
    • One year World History and Geography
    • One semester of American Government
    • One semester of Economics
  • Two years of science including (20 units):
    • One year of Life Science (ex. The Living Earth or Biology)
    • One year of a Physical Science (ex. Physics in the Universe, Physical Science I/II, Physics or Chemistry)
    • Two years of Physical Education
  • One year of a World Language or visual and performing arts, or career technical education. For the purpose of satisfying the minimum course requirement, a course in American Sign Language shall be deemed a World Language course. (10 units)
  • A total of 220 units is required to graduate from heartwood
    • 110 units come from the above minimum course requirements
    • An additional 110 units are approved courses that help the student achieve their education goals. Recognizing that these 13 courses of preparation are state minimum requirements, local school boards often set local graduation requirements that exceed the state-mandated requirements.

*Students should complete at least 6-7 hours of work per week, per 5 unit course on their Master Agreement.

Rock the VOTE!

The Student Voter Registration Act of 2003 (Elections Code sections 2145-2148) was implemented to ensure that every school in California provides eligible high school students a meaningful opportunity to register and pre-register to vote. We encourage our TUSD students “Rock the Vote” and pre-register or register today.

Upcoming Important Dates:

•    High School Voter Education Weeks – September 19-30, 2022
•    National Voter Registration Day – September 20, 2022
•    California Student Mock Election – October 11, 2022
•    Close of Registration: November General Election – October 24, 2022
•    General Election – November 8, 2022

Click here to access the California Vote Registration website

Secretary of State - Register to Vote