3rd Grade

The Third-Grade year is a powerful time. The children begin to move away from the imaginative mood of their younger years and become more aware of the world around them. For some children, this is a comfortable transition and for others it can be a bit more challenging. The curriculum in this year is designed to instill a sense of “I can do it” in the children. Farming, shelter building, and the study of textiles create opportunities for the students to practice skills they can apply to life and builds a sense of accomplishment. As the child gains comfort in their ability to create and do, the confidence to cut themselves off from the world and enter the realms authors imagine results in increasing reading comprehension. While exploring their new abilities, the students begin to apply the rules of punctuation in a more formal manner as writing is combined with research in a shelter report. Mathematics expands into money, time and measurement, as well as, multiple digit multiplication.