Building Community

Our community is enriched by each and every family that is part of our school. We are always seeking new ways to support and build community.

Field Trip Planning

Field trips offer a chance to encounter the curriculum outside of the confines of the home or class room. They can provide deep and defining moments in a child’s life, underlining important qualities and ideas in a way that nothing else can. For example, often Waldorf third grade classes will travel to a farm for an authentic, hands on experience of connecting with the earth and animals on a real working farm. This kind of experience is difficult to create for a single home school student.

Our unique community of home school students allows for this kind of experience to occur.

Events and Classes

Every event, celebration, festival, and parent education night is open to all, regardless of program choice. Strong connections are formed and new friendships abound at these events. Enrichment Electives and Vilda nature experiences offer the chance for regular social interaction with peers, and the opportunity for parents to gather and share experiences.

At Heartwood, we want to see every child succeed. We welcome you to our community and look forward to supporting you in your educational journey.