Meet the Bothin Waldorf Team

We introduce you to the wonderful teachers and aides who educate, encourage, and support the students and families enrolled in our Bothin Waldorf program


Kim H.– Class Teacher (Her/She)

Born and raised in Germany, Kim came to the US as an exchange student and returned for college. After a trip around the world, a Master’s degree in Whole Systems Design, marriage, and two sons, Kim discovered Waldorf education for her older son. Teacher training in Germany and teaching preschool-grade 8 in three Waldorf schools in the Seattle area followed. Both Waldorf-educated sons are in tech and moved to the Bay Area in 2011; Kim and her husband Dave followed in 2016. Teaching at Heartwood is so rewarding that Kim may never retire. She is an expert on Indian food and paranormal romance literature and a very proud grandmother.








music-g04a9a5e2d_1920Carol A.– Class Teacher (She/Her/Hers)

Flutist Carol Adee was surrounded by music growing up. Holding a M.M. from Yale School of Music and a Waldorf Teaching Certificate, she has taught flute and chamber music at Stanford and Dominican Universities as well as Music and Musical Pedagogy for the Bay Area Center for Waldorf Teacher Training. Her many years as Music Director at Marin Waldorf School have contributed to her collaborative spirit and interest in integrating music, story, art and movement into other subjects. She is currently a Teaching Artist for Enriching Lives through Music, an El Sistema program in Marin County working primarily with the vibrant multilingual children of the immigrant community.

As a performing musician, Carol has worked in a wide variety of new music, chamber and orchestral environments, having played with San Francisco Symphony, Ballet and Opera Orchestras along with other Bay Area orchestras, including touring and recording as principal flute with Women’s Philharmonic for 15 years. Her solo CD Bach to Nature, Three Suites in the Wilderness has been distributed on several continents. As a founding member of ECHO Chamber Orchestra, Carol is working to create more collaborative orchestral experiences for musicians and audiences.

Helen P.– Class Teacher (She/Her/Hers)

I’ve taught 24 years prior to coming to Heartwood and with each experience I’ve learned so much. I value and appreciate every child I’ve had the privilege to teach; I have learned so much from each of them. With each year that passes, I’m continually thankful for this life of teaching and learning, I am so blessed.

Throughout my career, I’ve always been extremely open to growing and teaching in many areas of academia. One of the areas that I’ve been particularly focused on is literacy and I come to the classroom with a toolbox filled with ways to teach it. Nothing is more amazing than watching a child learn how to read and write. As their mind begins to connect with the letters, you can see the “I get it” moment and then magic. I believe that teaching a child to read is a gift that I have the privilege of giving them. I love it❤️

It is a beautiful experience being with the same students as they travel from 1st grade to 8th. There’s a bond that develops between the teacher, students, and their families that’s immeasurable. Watching the students change and grow and go through the stages of their life gives you, the teacher, a full circle, that is a gift!

I love to swim! As a child I was always around water, I loved it! In the water, my sisters and I would always have an elaborate, imaginative play and then sleep so hard and sound. As a grown-up, my own family and I are always around water too, it’s so healing and incredibly refreshing. To this day, I see a body of water and I must swim. I’m looking forward to the warm days and being able to soak, move and replenish my soul.

I love Fall, the way the sun hits your eyes during this time of year is magical. I have a window in my kitchen that carries the Fall light throughout my home. Each Fall, I look forward to this light in my home. The holidays in the Fall are my favorite as well; nothing is better than the perfect Thanksgiving dinner.

Erin H.– Class Teacher (She/Her/Hers)

I graduated with a BA in Early Childhood Education from Naropa University. I Completed my Waldorf Teacher Training in 2014 from BACWTT. I have 10 years of experience as an aid or lead teacher in public school settings.

I was introduced to Steiner Education as a student at Naropa University. The early childhood classrooms felt imbued with the path that centered on joy, planetary wellness, and healing and I committed to educating my children using this methodology.

I enjoy practicing kung fu and ecstatic dance!

In the states that have four seasons, I tend to favor autumn. In California, spring has captured my heart.

“Play is the highest form of research” Albert Einstein