Our Beliefs

We believe in the unique wonder of each child.
We believe in the power of doing.
We believe academics can be both rigorous and joyous.
We believe dirt is good; Nature is our first home and our greatest teacher.
We believe by exploring the world we discover ourselves.
We believe that truth, beauty and goodness exist and are important.
We believe the study of another language allows us to experience ourselves differently.
We believe that both the heart and mind are essential elements in education.
We believe in Rudolf Steiner’s picture of child development.
We believe music connects us with the universal nature of being human.
We believe service is a gift to both the community and ourselves.
We believe that social intelligence is the key to elevating our humanity.
We believe love is our first language.
We believe that every family has the freedom to choose their child’s educational path.
We believe that community creates a school.
We believe every individual has the capacity to change the world.