Support Services

What would make your home school experience easier, more successful and creative?

After asking this question to numerous homeschool families, we created the following list of additional services, features and benefits we offer to our families.


  • Lesson planning and brainstorming with an expert teacher
  • Parent meetings to build community and discuss the curriculum
  • Specific instructions on block rotation (for classic public Waldorf stream)
  • Open Door Policy for the Executive Director
  • Field trip planning and group activities to help build community by CST teachers
  • Field trip planning for grade groups of 20 or more to key curriculum overnights
  • A yearly educational fund to support teacher approved curriculum and educational activities
  • Parent driven vendor list – contact us if a vendor or desired subject isn’t already on our vendor list.  Your input helps create our list.


  • Support for Whole Child/Waldorf education through diverse curriculum options to meet your child’s learning styles, strengths and preferences
  • Grade-appropriate, comprehensive curriculum options
  • A Waldorf starter kit of school and art supplies, offered through the curriculum provider


  • Connection to a vibrant community of engaged families
  • An open invitation to attend Heartwood events and parent education evenings
  • Access to our Enrichment Electives, classes include private instrument lessons, Spanish, handwork, yoga and drama.
  • Access to a list of approved vendors, with a process to get additional vendors approved
  • Access to a list of recommended practitioners in the Sonoma and Marin County areas
  • The Heartwood Newsletter will be sent to you upon publication