Our community is very important to us and when they have something to share we want to appreciate those words as well as provide them for others to see.


“Our experience with heartwood has been wonderful! They have a great list of vendors, and supplies come quickly. I’m so grateful to have a new local homeschooling community.

We are delighted to have Mayli as our education coordinator. She is helpful and quick to respond. Mayli homeschooled her children all the way through high school, so she has a wealth of knowledge and experience.”
Mariah, Heartwood Parent
“We’ve been homeschooling for 13 years and over that time we’ve tried many different avenues. This year we have joined Heartwood Charter and I’m very impressed by their model! Every aspect I’ve dealt with so far from enrolling to work samples to orders, has been quick and easy! I love that Heartwood stays purposely smaller than some other options because it really gives the feel of a family. I also chose Heartwood because they’re local to Sonoma County and they understand all the different learning styles homeschool families in our area are utilizing! It’s a perfect fit for our family! Also really love the fact that they have someone who specializes in the ins-and-outs of A-G high school courses! Many schools don’t have that!”
Nicole, Heartwood Parent