Public Random Drawing

Public Random Drawing for Bothin – Preferences for 19-20 School Year

Applications will be accepted during a publicly advertised open enrollment period each year for enrollment in the following school year. Following the open enrollment period, applications shall be counted to determine whether the Charter School has received more applications than availability in each grade and program.  In the event that this happens, the Charter School will hold a public random drawing to determine admission. Admission preferences, during the first year of operations, in the case of a public random drawing shall be given as follows: All students and siblings whose families have been part of the Heartwood community and supported the community charter effort over the last year (18-19), as well as children of Heartwood teachers and staff.  If it is necessary for random public drawings to occur for multiple classes, a sibling of an already admitted student will have preference.

Preferences will be extended to residents of the authorizing District, when names are placed into a random drawing; the names of District residents will be placed in the drawing twice, where as non-district residents’ names will be placed in the drawing only once. The Charter School will not limit enrollment access for pupils with disabilities or other disadvantaged students.

At the conclusion of the public random drawing, all students who were not granted admission due to capacity shall be given the option to put their name on a wait-list according to their draw in the lottery. This wait-list will allow students the option of enrollment in the case of an opening during the current school year. In no circumstance will a wait-list carry over to the following school year.

When an opening occurs, applicants will be notified via telephone in order of wait-list rank, to determine their interest, and complete the enrollment process. After direct contact has been made, applicants will be given one (1) business day to respond. Should they fail to accept or fail to respond, Heartwood will offer the opening to the next student on the waitlist.