2nd Grade

The second grader lives in the world of duality. The civics curriculum embraces this gesture; examining the value of kindness and honesty as reflected through our actions and those of inspiring individuals. Aesop’s fables and tall tales are also studied as part of second-grade civics. The lives of inspiring individuals contrasted with the traits of the characters in many of Aesop’s fables mirror the qualities of the Second Grader which strive to reconcile the noble qualities they possess and the naughtiness they can’t resist.

Through reciting poetry, the student explores nuances of language in speech, expression, and verbal skill, as well as growing the power of memory. Their spelling skills are naturally supported by this activity. Independent reading begins to develop, with students experiencing reading with fluency at a variety of levels. An awareness and understanding of word families, consonant blends, digraphs, vowel combinations, and vowel consonant combinations is deepened. Writing output is also increased.

Arithmetic is a language with its own grammar, alphabet, and vocabulary. Mastering this language is a good part of the work in the second grade. The students review the four processes, are introduced to place value, and learn to carry and borrow. The students develop a deeper understanding of the relationship between addition and subtraction and between multiplication and division.

Much of the science curriculum for the year focuses on animals. Their characteristics, homes, habitats, tracks, and classifications as vertebrates and invertebrates are all examined. The life of bees and frogs are studied, as is the food chain.